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Aussie PC Fix guarantee all Computer and IT Services



Aussie PC Fix provides reliable and friendly IT support with only qualified technicians who will efficiently solve your computer problems. We guarantee you will be happy with your Computer Service or we will perform the Service again at no extra charge within 7 days.


If we cannot diagnose and fix your problem there is no charge payable for Service. The minimum charge is still payable if a fix is offered but not accepted during service to cover our time, travel and other costs to perform diagnosis. E.g. if your motherboard has failed but you do not want to buy another motherboard to replace it and fix the computer.

For most Services we charge a minimum of $120 per repair/upgrade or series of repairs performed within one hour. RAdd call-out fee if applicable. Some repairs (and all data recovery) may require inital time for diagnosis of the cause of the problem.


Due to the nature of data recovery we cannot guarantee those services. Initial diagnosis fee for data recovery is payable regardless of outcome.


Maximum Service Charge
for Home/Home Office Users:

Most services are complete within 1-2 hours. In some cases extra troubleshooting may be required, but you can still be sure of a reasonable cost of service from Aussie PC Fix! Our labour services are capped to a maximum of $300 for each computer (plus call-out fee if applicable), unless otherwise notified. Don't be caught out with excessive charges!

Home & Home Office users refers to residential areas only. This offer does not include servers, additional parts/software, hardware data recovery, training or call-out fees (if applicable). You may not combine this offer with some networking/wireless/Internet services.


Malware / Virus / Spyware Guaranteed Removal Conditions

Aussie PC Fix guarantees to remove all viruses, spyware, or any other malicous or unwanted programs ('Malware') for $149 (plus any call out fees if applicable) unless a Windows reinstall is required or highly recommended.

We usually remove many types of Malware within 1-2 hours of service but in some cases it can take longer. If on onsite Canberra service we would require to take the PC back to our workshop in these cases.

Some Malware, usually Rootkits and sometimes Trojans can put the user at risk of reinfection by hiding on the hard drive. Sometimes the best way to stop infection and minimise this risk is to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows.

Because we need to backup all your important data first, reinstall Windows and get your PC back up and running, the charge will be capped at out maximum labour fee per computer of $300 (plus any callout fees if applicable).

Malware removal in this case usually takes 12-24 hours, but again can take longer depending on the infection.

IIf within seven days you believe a Malware infection still exists on your computer, then you may return the computer to our workshop and we will remove the Malware again free of charge. If we can be sure that reinfection of Malware has been caused by the computer user redownloading infected files or revisiting infected websites then the usual removal charges will apply.

You must have a valid Windows Key for us to attempt reinstallation of Windows or you may purchase a new Windows license from us. Usually you will have a Microsoft Windows license (CoA) sticker on your computer case or on the original CD case showing a (usually) 25-digit key/license number.

If you do not have the key then we can likely obtain it from your hard drive, but we will not be held responsible for any Windows activation issues if your Windows key is not legal - you will need to prove ownership of the key (e.g. a receipt) with Microsoft if it fails activation.

Please also provide any other software licenses and installation media/files at time of Service for any software that you require to be reinstalled - including drivers CDs you may have.